7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Pet Insurance Policy

The rising cost of health care is not only affecting us, it’s also affecting our four legged friends as well. Pet insurance has become a very popular means of addressing the health needs of our dogs, cats and other various pets. But choosing the right policy will require that you ask the provider the right questions about each specific policy. What follows are 7 essential questions you should ask the insurance provider before choosing a particular pet insurance policy.


What does the plan cost?

Generally speaking, this is the most asked question that people have about pet insurance. You need to be sure to ask not just about the premium, but about any other potential charges as well so you will fully understand what you may be paying for over the course of the insurance.


What has been your rise in premiums over the past few years?

Premiums do tend to go up over time and the best way to judge just how much they will rise in the near future is by looking at their performance in the past. You will also want to ask if there are any new laws, rules, or regulations that may affect the premiums for next year as well.


Can I choose my vet or do I select from a network?

Another very important question if you have a favorite vet that you like to use. In fact, if you really want to keep your vet, ask them what insurance companies they accept or specifically do not accept as an easy way to narrow down your choices.


What issues will affect reimbursements?

Many out of pocket expenses are supposed to be reimbursed, but often enough people can be surprised by what keeps a reimbursement from being accepted. Ask about all the conditions that apply for the denial of reimbursements so know what to expect ahead of time.


Is preventive care available?

Vaccinations and exams are an important part of your pet’s health as they can prevent illnesses and spot issues before they become serious. You should ask what the preventative care plan covers and what it costs so you will know how much it will add to your premium.


How long have you been providing pet insurance?

Generally speaking, it is better to obtain pet health insurance from a company that has been in the field for a number of years. Although pet insurances is still relatively new, having an insurance company that has provided pet health insurance for a while can be very reassuring. In today’s market, there are many pet insurance companies that have sprung up overnight to take advantage of this growing trend, but experienced firms may offer benefits that newer companies just can’t provide.


What are your responsibilities in this process?

Basically, what will the insurance company do for me and my pet over the course of this policy. It’s the little things that these insurance companies’ provide that can make the difference in your choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that!