How Does Pet Insurance Work?

We all love our cute, fuzzy, adorable pets, whether they are cats, dogs, or even ferrets. We also all know that, much like their human counterparts, pets can get sick, injured, or lost. Losing a pet, or having a pet fall ill, can be a huge financial problem. Thankfully, now there is a way to curtail the money issues that come with a pet who may not be in the best shape.  This new form of protection is called pet insurance, and it’s something that every responsible pet owner needs to consider.

Pet insurance is similar health insurance is for humans. You pay a small fee to a pet insurance company every month and, should your pet become sick, the pet insurance will pay the vet costs for you. Depending on the company, pet, and policy, you can also be reimbursed if your pet dies or gets lost. These kinds of insurance policies are like a mix between life and health insurance for your pets, and are most often given to animals that provide an income such as horses, seeing-eye dogs, and show pets.

The amount of money and value that you would get from your pet insurer depends on many different things, including the country you live in. In the UK, many companies that offer pet insurance offer to pay 100% of the cost of veterinary bills should your pet become sick, but it isn’t always the case. Places like the United States and Canada often will pay a smaller percentage of vet costs, or will give you your money back in a benefits schedule.  Others will even go the extra mile when it comes to pet care costs, and even cover routine veterinarian visits.

The UK, Canada, US, and other countries all offer different forms of pet insurance through various companies. Most of the time, you can find out about what insurance policies are available for your pet by contacting the insurance companies directly, or by talking to a local veterinarian. Most pet centers, such as the ASPCA, will also be happy to help you find a policy that fits your needs.

There are huge differences that you will find from company to company, and even from policy to policy. Some policies can cost as little as $10 per month, while others can cost over $100. The amount of protection and coverage that you get will also vary just as much as the price. If you are considering getting pet insurance, make sure that you learn what your policy would give you before you sign paperwork. According to most experts, it’s best to treat pet insurance just like any other form of insurance that you would want to buy – research it, learn about your options, and then make your decision.