Pet’s Best Review

Pet’s Best Review

Pet’s Best pet insurance review claims that this company is one of the best pet insurance firms that offer health insurance benefits on your pet dogs and cats. Founded in 2005, Pet’s Best is an official member of North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA). Made by the initiative of Dr. Jack Stephens and underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, this company is equipped with the best insurance benefits that pets and their owners will certainly enjoy.


The Insurance’s Services

Pet’s Best pet insurance review reveals that the company is providing pet dog and cat insurance plans for pet owners and their beloved pets. This can help them with appalling veterinary bills that can break people’s savings for as much as five thousand dollars. Indeed, health insurance can be a life saver against the cost of injury and illness to out pet animals.

Pet’s Best offers affordable pet insurances that cover 70 to 100 percent of costs for accidents or illness, and it depends on the chosen plan by the pet owner. Basically, pet owners can select a plan that allows him to pay a thousand dollars per year and up to five thousand dollars for a lifetime insurance plan. For pet owners who have two or more pets, they can avail discounts provided by the company. Some of the services that the pet insurance can cover to their pets include cancer treatments, elective and emergency surgeries, specialist care, outpatient care and follow-up checkup, prescription medications, hospitalizations, diagnostic exams like CAT, MRI and X-ray, lab testing, medicinal injections, and alternative treatment coverage.


The Claims System

What’s unique with the Pet’s Best pet insurance is that the company responds to the claims quickly. They reimburse the pet owners’ expenses within five business days. They can either claim it through direct deposit or hard copy check, which depends on their client’s preferences. On the other hand, the company lists the conditions that are not covered within their insurance coverage to show transparency for their clients. Some of the conditions include hereditary problems and pre-existing health conditions. These mentioned conditions and others are listed on their official website.

Their Costumer Service

The Pet’s Best pet insurance review boasts their customer service, as most of their customers are impressed with their immediate response and hospitality. Their official website provides all essential information that their customers need for their products and services. Moreover, they have courteous and conversant operators on their hotline numbers to address any queries that their customers would ask.

To sum it up, a lot of satisfied customers have poured out their trust on the company’s services, as stated in the Pet’s Best pet insurance review.


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  • Didin says:

    I have never in 10 years heard a complaint about the inunrasce we recommend VPI. Of course, you’ll need to read the policy you decide to purchase. None will cover pre-existing conditions. All of them have roughly the same exclusions.All pet inunrasce companies reimburse you, rather than paying the vet directly. To my knowledge, none will allow you to walk out of the vet’s office without paying.When looking for a pet inunrasce company, make sure to select one that has been around for a long time. Or a name you trust, such as PurinaCare.There is another group called Care Credit, that allows you to swipe a card and leave the vet’s office. You would need to pay the group back within 6 months to avoid heavy charges, but the first 6 months is tech

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