Pet Assure Review

Pet Assure Review

Compared to several pet insurances, Pet Assure provides no indemnity health proposal, according to Pet Assure pet insurance review. However, it is a discount plan that provides easy-to-use savings on your pet’s veterinary bills. We have all heard of some pet health insurances for more than a decade already. However, most of these policies contain lots of limitations that make them a good value in keeping our pets secured as always. Although there are lower monthly payment installations, freebies and exclusions, most plans still require pet owners to pay the full cost of the veterinary bills, and then fill up claim forms and submit them to the company while hoping for it to provide partial reimbursement for the expenditures. Fortunately, Pet Assure allows pet owners to avail immediate discount savings during direct payment of the veterinary bills.

Plans and Pricing

Pet Assure pet insurance review claims that the company can provide pet owners with a 25 percent discount on most of the veterinary services for the pet animals. In fact, there are three options that you can select: Single Cat plan, Single Dog plan, and the Family Plan. Although there might be some individual examinations for each animal species, all of these plans cover vaccines, diagnostic exams, elective procedures such as emergency surgery and dental service, hospitalization, and any other procedure performed in the veterinarian’s office and its networks. Even a lost pet recovery service is covered by the plan. Moreover, pet owners can even avail up to 50 percent off on the animal products bought through the Pet Assure network. What’s unique with this discount plan is that animals of any breed and condition can avail all of the veterinary services that qualify for the company’s plan.

The Product Claims

The Pet Assure pet insurance review states that pet owners don’t need to engage in claiming systems at all. In fact, they are not required to fill up any claim forms as they will receive a 25 percent discount instantly when taking the pet to the veterinarian just by presenting the Pet Assurance Card.


Their Customer Service

The customer help of the company is easily reachable through the official Pet Assure site. Pet owners will just fill out a form located on the ‘Contact Us’ section and ask anything with regards to the services provided by the discount plans. Also, they can be reached through their toll-free landline numbers.

To sum it up, Pet Assure will provide immediate help to their customers through their discount plan, making it as one of the most reliable pet plans on the market according to Pet Assure pet insurance review.


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