AKC Pet HealthCare

AKC Pet HealthCare

Offering five plans of coverage, AKC offers plans throughout the nation, in all 50 States including DC.

AKC Pet HealthCare offers five different plans and sells insurance in every State.

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  • Kalpana says:

    In my opinion ASPCA and VPI do not have the best coervage when it comes to hereditary/congenital diseases. Coverage for hereditary and congenital diseases is a very important piece of coervage to have in your plan.In addition to reading about the experiences that customers have after they purchase, there are many other factors you must consider as well. Some of the most important being:A) What medical conditions are covered?5 points of coervage that should be apart of any plan include:1) Coverage for Cancer2) Coverage for Chronic DiseaseChronic diseases are illnesses that have long duration and generally slow progression. Chronic diseases are usually not curable. Examples include: cancer, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, and chronic liver disease.3) Continual Coverage for Chronic DiseaseIf you do not get this coervage, the chronic disease will only be covered in the policy year it was diagnosed, after that, you will have to pay for any continuing medications or diagnostic monitoring yourself. Treatment for most Chronic diseases will last beyond the first year of diagnosis.4) Coverage for Hereditary Congenital Diseases5) Coverage for Diseases that are Common to your Pet’s BreedB) What medical conditions are excluded? Read the company’s terms and conditions very closely as there can be some very surprising exclusions.C) What is the maximum payout limit structure, amount and limits? The maximum payout limit is the maximum amount the insurance company will reimburse you. This payout limit can be annually, lifetime or for each incident. You want the maximum payout limit you pick to be able to cover the worst case scenario costs that could happen.The sheets at pet-insurance-university.com can help you compare these factors for Embrace and PetPlan

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